How To: Make a retro steampunk hardware chess set

Make a retro steampunk hardware chess set

Steampunk, a vintage Victorian mechanical style, is one of the hottest design trends to date since faux bois. Get in on the trend while creating many hours of fun for yourself and friends by making this awesome steampunk style chess set. This chess set is comprised of various pieces of hardware, a found table, and common household chemicals.

We can bet that none of your friends have ever played chess quite so fashionably before.

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the table is awesome its like a marble/granite mix and the chess peices look cool too. i have to make it.

I like the glass boards cuz you can like the fogged parts and it will disapear and come back in like 1 min. (smells liek your breath afterwards. eww...)

i want to how can i get a job

*goes and tries and find some nuts, lol, and bolts

Great idea using a rust finish for the black pieces!

Other DIY'ers have used black paint. But that is unappealing because you just know it's going to flake off in short order.

Your rust finish is integral to the piece. Much better!

Thanks for sharing.

The vid never showed up. Disappointed but I'm sure I can figure it out anyway. Nuts and bolts and bits of

Nice set but do turn your board 90 degrees so the white square is on the bottom right . i.e. White is right as the saying goes in chess and Yes it makes a hell of a difference. Cheers, Dave

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