How To: Use a Ouija board by yourself

Use a Ouija board by yourself

OuijaFreak shows viewers how to use a Ouija Board alone! First, you need to gently set the pointer on the board. Next, place your hands very lightly on the pointer. You'll want to be barely touching the pointer. Hold your wrists up and keep your hand off the table. Your hands cannot be heavy on the table - you need to keep everything light. First, you should ask if 'anyone is here' when using the board. A response can take even 20 minutes or even longer. You have to be patient. If you are not getting contacted, spin the pointer around the board a few times to stir up energy. By yourself it does take long to contact someone so you have to be patient. You will eventually reach a spirit.

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Como fazer o tabuleiro ouija funcionar sozinho? Tem que ter mais pessoas para ter energia e o espirito mexer o ponteiro??

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