News: Craft a Steampunk chess set

Craft a Steampunk chess set

We love these Gomi Style guys. Creators of past sensations like the cardboard chair and aqua mirror, here they come with a new inspiration. Steampunk!

Steampunk can be traced back to the mid-80s cyberpunk movement out of Silicone Valley. Steampunk enthusiasts make all sorts cool stuff from computer keyboards that look like typewriters to whole house shining with Victorian brass influences.

This particular Steampunk project is just our style. It's made from nuts and bolts, literally. The whole thing should cost you almost nothing and start-to-finish take you about a half hour. Very cool if you're looking for a last minute gift for a nerdy or arty friend.

Once you get the set built, it's on to the game. Brush up here with some good chessmasters' guides. The tables turned in 1997 when Deep Blue became the first computer to beat the reigning World Champion in a match when it defeated Garry Kasparov. Ever since, instead of teaching the computers to play chess, we're taking lessons from them.

Thanks to Instructables for the inspiration!

Make a retro steampunk hardware chess set

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the table is awesome its like a marble/granite mix and the chess peices look cool too. i have to make it.

I like the glass boards cuz you can like the fogged parts and it will disapear and come back in like 1 min. (smells liek your breath afterwards. eww...)

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