How To: Win at Guess Who? in one move

Win at Guess Who? in one move

CongaLineBuffet presents, How to win Guess Who? the board game... in one move. Need a hint: MiltonBradley might be racist.

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LOL omg is that a real game board

i like it

ohh nvm you can see it on the box, omg thats racist :P

i played it last week and there are absolutely no dark skinned people, but that poor lady
and she's probably italian

Guess who is the best board game around, she wasnt italian was she lets face it! "Italian" lmfao! He didnt ask is your person italian did he. Its not racist clearing just asking if he/she is black because the answer is either yes or no, or yeh or no blud.

shame it only works if you get anne

its good, if they have that card

Hhahahahha thats messed upp

good ol fashioned racism

This is a good one! I am gonna try it.

Well in a game where you have to ask questions about looks and features I would say that was appropriate.

This is boring!!!

Boring?.......THIS IS SPARTA!!!

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