How To: Solve a checkmate in two moves chess game problem

Solve a checkmate in two moves chess game problem

In this chess video tutorial, Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, with guest star Almira Skripchenko, will show you how to checkmate in just two moves that the Fritz 10 software program doesn't even recognize. Fritz 10 just can't solve this mate in 2 chess problem.

White plays and mates in 2 moves. Think of the Russian Proverb: Trust but Verify. This will be the key to winning good chess endgames.

LEVEL: Intermediate

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There is actually another move that will result in checkmate without moving the rook first.
Move the white queen to h4. Now the black king must move to either g1 or g2. It doesn't matter which one he moves to. Move white rook from e6 to g6 and that's checkmate.

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