How To: Play the Pente (Pentagon) marble game

Play the Pente (Pentagon) marble game

In this Games video tutorial you will learn how to play the Pente (Pentagon) marble game. It's a game of skill and strategy played on a 14" square hardwood game board. It can be comfortably played by 2 people or two teams. Teams do not have to be balanced (two against one, three against two, any combination). The board is divided into 3/4" squares. The unique feature of this board is the four holding trays for the playing gems. First decide who will start. The starting player places a gem at the center of the board. The next player then places a gem on the board. And like this it continues. The idea is to get 5 gems in a straight line. That gives you 5 points. Before starting the game, decide how many points you will take to win a game. Generally it is 21 points or more. So, go ahead and enjoy!

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