How To: Play Farkle with dice

Play Farkle with dice

This video teaches you how to play the dice game Farkle. You will need 6 dice and a pen and paper to keep score with. The scores are as follows: 1(on the dice)= 100 points, 5(on the dice)= 50 points. A triple of any dice number is worth the number on the dice times 100. With the exception of a triple of one which equals 1000. A triple pair is also equal to 1000. (i.e., a pair of ones, a pair of threes and a pair of fives). A straight is consecutive numbers such as 1,2,3,4,5,6 which results in 3,000 points. Now that you know the scoring you are prepared to roll the dice. You may roll once then pick the numbers that you would like to stay with and roll the rest of the dice. Once you are finished you write down your score and hand the dice to the next person. If you do not have anything to pull out then you "farkle" and lose all your points. Another possibility is to "piggy-back" someone else's dice and use their points as your own.

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