How To: Play backgammon with Gus Hansen

Play backgammon with Gus Hansen

This video explains the rules on how to play backgammon, with World Series of Poker star and backgammon enthusiast Gus Hansen. First, he describes the board and how it is divided into four sections with six points in each, for a total of 24 points. Each player has 15 checkers and two dice. The checkers move in opposite directions, causing a lot of interaction between the two players while allowing for strategy and luck. You move all your checkers to your home board first, then take them off the board entirely. The first player to remove all their pieces from the board wins. You move the checkers according to the dice, either individually or in summation. Doubles allow for twice as many moves. Beware of your opponent landing on one of your checkers alone on a point, as it will have to start completely over. Do try to spread to as many points with at least two pieces, and cause as much damage to your opponent by landing on his unprotected points.

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They are only checkers if you are playing Checkers. If you are playing Backgammon, they are called stones.

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